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Linear Walks

On the first and third Wednesdays in each month there is a LINEAR all-day walk. On these days we tackle Long-Distance Footpaths in convenient stages, usually of 8-12 miles. Unless otherwise indicated, lunch is always taken at a pub where food is available. Where possible, start and finish points are arranged where public transport is accessible. 

The organisers (Nick and Bryan) will endeavour to co-ordinate travel arrangements, so if you haven’t been on any of these walks recently please contact one of us a few days beforehand in case any changes have been made to the published details. If you wish to make your own way to the walk start, please make sure you are there before the stated time and let Nick or Bryan know. Nick and Bryan maintain an email list of the regular linear walkers and many of us rely on that for last minute updates. Numbers are necessarily limited on these walks, so priority is given to regular linear walkers.


Perennial favourite: Ham, Egg & Chips

You can see a complete record of all the long distance paths we have traversed,  from 1990 to 2018 here. Many thanks to Bryan Petifer for compiling this list. (Updated December 2018)

More pictures here