East Surrey Walkers

Walking for Pleasure

Circular Walks

We have short and long circular walks ranging from 3 to 12 miles. The pace can vary between Easy, around 1 to 1.5 mph, 1.61 - 2.4 km Leisurely around 2mph, 3.2km; Moderate around 2.5mph, 4km, Strenuous 3.5mph, 5.6km. This is reflected in the typical Grade assigned to each walk. Our grades are explained here.

Long Walks (usually Moderate)

These walks vary between 9 and 12 miles. The days for these walks alternate on each weekend. The pace is Moderate and we have a coffee stop mid morning (bring your own refreshment) and a short picnic lunch usually for about half an hour and also water stops throughout the day.

Short Walks (usually Leisurely)

These walks vary between 5 and 6 miles. The days for these walks alternate every weekend and we have a short walk on a Wednesday. The pace is more Leisurely/Moderate and we have a coffee stop mid morning (bring your own refreshment) we usually finish between 12.30 and 1.00pm. On Wednesdays there is always an option afterwards to have a drink, or something to eat, at the nearest pub.

Fast Fitness Workout Walks (Strenuous)

These Workout Walks are around 3.5 miles but can vary between each route and we have a walk every week. The days for these walks are mainly on a Monday and Tuesday morning; however check the programme as we do have them on other days of the week. The pace is strenuous and we walk at 3.5 mph and usually take 1 hour to complete, and we estimate you can burn off around 300 calories. You have to have a certain level of fitness to come on these walks as we don’t stop. It is more of a workout than moderate walking. We do not have a backmarker so it is important that we stay together all keeping up with the same pace.

Amble Walks (Easy)

These are no more than 3 miles long and are at a very Easy pace and on the level, and are meant as introductory or social walks for those new to walking, returning after illness or surgery or simply wanting a shorter, gentler walk for a change

Other Walks 

We also have walks on other weekdays. These walks can have any start time and any mileage. For example we have run walks from five to eight miles.  The pace can vary between Leisurely and Moderate. They can include walks ending with tea and cakes, or, proving very popular, a pub in the middle of the walk or at the end. in the past we have had a photography walk and a bird walk. Always check the Programme for full details.