East Surrey Walkers

Walking for Pleasure

Website Guidelines

It is no longer a requirement for normal members of the Group to Login to the website - most of the information available on the site is open to the general public, so no login is required or permitted. 

For Walks Leaders, Committee Members and other Officers, Login to the site is still required to access  the restricted information and features (such as the Walks Planner).  Login rights are now only obtainable by contacting either the Walks Co-ordinator or the Walks Adminstrator. Such members, once succesfully registered, will see extra content available under the Members and/or Leaders main menus after they Login.

If you are viewing the site on a mobile device or tablet, you will see a different slimmed down page layout - to switch to the normal desktop layout click the small monitor icon at the right side of the menu bar.  There is also a small star-shaped icon allowing you to vary the size of the text, and the width of the layout, to suit your viewing device.