East Surrey Walkers

Walking for Pleasure

Eastbourne Weekend

On Friday 1 December, after a comfortable coach ride driven by Mark from Barnsley (big huraahhh from the Northerns on the coach) we arrived on a cold and crisp moonlit Eastbourne evening . Some had a rest but many could not resist the pull of the sea on such a clear evening and ventured onto the beach before we all gathered together for a welcome from Helen who had organised our trip to and to hear about the choice of walks that had been planned for us by Mr Tony Pearson. After our three course dinner there was a comedian and quiz, for those that were not saving themselves for the next day hiking the hills.

Saturday we awoke to a bright and beautiful day and some wicked walking. It was so wonderful to be out and for many the highlight was the walk back into Eastbourne alongside the beach and catching the sunset. A number of us found some hidden energy and had a great boogie to the singer (maybe the free booze vouchers helped!),

Sunday again and this time a choice between walking or living it up in the bright lights of Brighton. Before dinner we had some celebrations and presentations, thanking Helen for organising the trip, Tony for organising the walks and the walk leaders, Keith T, Tony P, Martin F and Brian S for leading! Alice who had a birthday that day was surprised with a cake and lighted candle. There was an unusual presentation of a banana to Moira (she had asked at reception about fruit choices when she was told that bananas are very popular because you don’t need your own teeth to eat them! This aroused the child in us and we found it a hoot!)

A great time was had - lots of laughs and great hiking in the hills and sightseeing. Will Eastbourne ever be the same again.

A rucksack here and a rucksack there.
At Burlington, ramblers everywhere!

With big boots and coats We gathered around.
At the start of the day To walk we were bound

Those other poor folk What did they think,
To be so inundated, In just a blink

I can’t say I know I was so engrossed.
And so excited To be at the coast

We did our best And kept out their hair.
For most of the day We were not there

Until mid afternoon with aching limbs,
We rambled in sporting big grins

I hope we gave interest to some
They rode our wave And envied our fun!

Ditty from Angie.  Pictures supplied by Angie, Barbara, Brian, Doug, Malcolm. Nathalie, Paul and Rehana.