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Tea party for the "walking wounded".

We have members who would love to join us on walks but unfortunately can’t due to a physical problem, either short or long term - the “walking wounded”.

To facilitate them meeting up with their walking friends, Sue Halsey took the initiative two years ago and organised an annual tea party.  The “wounded” have been invited personally, based on our Welfare Officer, Barbara Bulman’s knowledge.

The event has proved popular but we realise there may be other “walking wounded” out there who we don’t know about. We have therefore decided that in future we will publicise the tea parties on our website and in the Notice Board, so they are open to every member who isn’t fit enough to join walks of the length we run. 

The next one is planned for September 17th at Steve Elm’s house. More details in a Notice Board nearer the time. Thereafter we plan to hold two a year, in spring and autumn. Many thanks to Sue starting this off and organising them.

Article by Arthur                                                  Photos by Steve Elms

The last Walking Wounded tea party at Adam's house



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