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Universal truth....

Thoughts from Rosie while walking the Camino Way.


From across the world the Peregrinos come, to experience the Camino Way.

From St John to Santiago they traverse Spain, walking day by day. 


All ages, nationalities colour, sex and creed.

They walk together and alone to work out what they need.


Their reasons will be different, each person an individual case......

All thinking how to change the world to make а better place.


Whilst on route, I hear in Manchester and London the terrorists have had their say........

Killing and maiming the innocent in their usual indiscriminate wау.


Done in the паmе of religion, their cowardly and evil actions will never be understood......

as we unite against them to stand up for what is good.


So put down your knives, stop your vile rhetoric and bombs... and take up your walking poles and walk.....

For the most powerful weapon in this world is communication and to talk.


And when the Camino is completed, the walking finished and the talking done.

....the truth is clear for all to see...that all humankind is one.


Written by Rosemary Bailey.

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