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Yew missed a real Treet!

The 12 mile walk lead by Anne S on Sunday 12th March included two very old and well known Yew trees.   Anne was able to share her interest with 14 walkers who were keen to see them and learn more in their local area.

The first tree at St. George’s Crowhurst pre-dates both the church and Christianity, and is thought to be over 2000 years old, one of the oldest trees in Europe. In 1820, while the tree was being hollowed out by villagers, a cannon ball from the civil war was found lodged inside. The villagers decided to fit inside it a table and benches which could seat up to a dozen people, and they attached a small hinged door. Now parts of the tree have grown over the door, and you can walk into the hollow, as all the benches and tables have been removed.

We then combined seeing the second tree with our lunch stop, at St. Peter’s Tandridge. This tree is considered not so old, well old enough - roughly 1000 years. If only these wonderful trees could talk imagine what tales they could tell??

It was a lovely and informative walk and we all now know something of our local Yew trees history, thank you Anne.

Written by Helen Whiteley; Photos by John Nathan

Helen and Anne in front of the tree

One big tree

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